Superfood Mega loaded chocolate oatmeal!

Superfood Mega loaded chocolate oatmeal!

Vera Brown

Not even kidding, Jack asks for this oatmeal every morning!!! 

And I am happy to make it for him, as its super loaded with lots of nutritious goodness, and will not send your kids, or yourself, into a sugary rollercoaster!

It is loaded with yummy, nutritious fat and protein, and nutrient dense superfoods! 



1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, coconut or cashew  milk, if you want a higher fat content for your kiddo, canned coconut milk would work great! 

1/2 cup of organic rolled oats. 

1/4 cup hemp hearts. - great source of Omega 3, fiber, protein 

1 teaspoon - Organic cocoa powder - great source of Potassium, Phosphorus and magnesium, 

1-2 teaspoon - Grass fed butter, Coconut oil or cocoa butter (cocoa butter would create a more true chocolate flavour and richer consistency. 

1 - Serving of Progressive Collagen 

1 - Teaspoon raw honey for immune support. 

splash of vanilla 

pinch of salt.



In a small pot combine the almond milk (or whatever liquids you're  using) oats and hemp hearts.

Cook on low for 10 min stirring occasionally. 

Once cooked through, add cocoa powder, butter (or any other fat you're using) 

Stir well, add the honey, salt and vanilla.

After all is incorporated, add the collagen stir well.

Garnish with some strawberries if you wish. 



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