Super hydrating watermelon pops

Super hydrating watermelon pops

Vera Brown

Hot enough for you winnipeg! +28!!! Yea baby!


During these hot days when it's hard to even think about food, let alone cook it, we tend to resort to frozen treats more often. 


I wanted to create a recipe that I will actually feel good about giving Jack, and well eating myself! 


I mean, what could be better than a yummy Popsicle on a hot summer day!!??


Most commercial Popsicles are loaded with sugar artificial food dyes and flavours, and we don't necessary  want that. 


There are some healthier options popping up on the market, but they can be quite pricey. 

Its a great option for a last minute treat in a pinch,  but if you're up for making your own, here is a super simple and very yummy Popsicle recipe you'll actually feel good about giving your kids. And eating yourself!!!


I chose ingredients that would provide the most nutritional benefit and not jeopardize taste.

When you're spending hours outside on a hot summer day, you want electrolytes to help you hydrate. So naturally the base is watermelon and coconut water.


Coconut water has been known for a while to provide great hydration, and has been called - natures Gatorade . And recently I have been seeing more watermelon water popping up, and for good reason, watermelon is very hydrating, it's high in vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. It makes it the perfect summer treat.


I used maple syrup to sweeten. And as much as I believe that we don't always need extra sweeteners, when it comes to frozen treats, the sugars add to texture as well as taste, so it's hard to get away completely without. 

Also if you taste a recipe before freezing it, it would seem overly sweet, but frozen it would taste perfectly fine, same as if you let your ice cream melt, it would taste waaay sweeter than in its frozen form, it is because the cold temperature numbs the tastebuds and they don't respond to flavours as much as if it was at room temperature. And maple syrup being so high in electrolytes, it fits very well in this recipe.  

Lastly to add an extra "electrolytic punch " a pinch of Himalayan sea salt. It is incredibly nutrient dense and will provide all the electrolytes to help rehydrate after a day in the sun!


So here it is:


In a blender combine:


150g ( about 2 cups)  of watermelon

1/2 cup of strawberries   (fresh or frozen)

1/4 cup coconut water

2 tablespoons of maple syrup

A pinch of Himalayan sea salt 


I have also added a scoop of Progressive Complete Collagen for some amino acids. 


Blend everything well until combined, divide between popsicle molds and freeze. 

If you have any liquid left. Add 1/2 cup of water and enjoy as a smoothie. 


To get frozen popsicles out of the mold, run under warm water for a few minutes. 







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