Roasted garlic potato-cauli mash

Roasted garlic potato-cauli mash

Vera Brown

 As a rule, I am against "hiding" vegetables in dishes, my philosophy is to put vegies on your childs'  plate out and proud, but for the sake of testing this recipe, I "forgot" to tell my family that these "mashed potatoes" are 2/3 potatoes and 1/3 cauliflower! And...... no one.... even .... noticed!!! And my husband is a mashed potato purist! I had a pretty tough crowd to please. 

So if you do what to "sneak" some more veggies into your family's diet, or just want to make a delicious new side dish for dinner, you should totally try this recipe!

Now if you're making this for a young child that is not into strong flavours, just omit the roasted garlic part.

So here goes:


1 full garlic bulb

1 lbs potatoes

1/2 lbs cauliflower 

1 tabelspoon of sea salt

1 tabelspoon of butter or ghee 

1 tabelspoon of avocado oil


Preheat the oven to 400°F

Place the garlic bulb on a piece of aluminum foul large enough to wrap the garlic in, add the oil, wrap the garlic in the aluminum foil and bake for 40 min at 400° F.


In the meantime prep the veggies, peel and cut potatoes, and chop cauliflower.

Boil water and cook potatoes for 15 min, then add the chopped cauliflower and salt and boil for another 10-12 min until tender.

Strain the veggies, but don't discard the water they were cooked in, the water holds the vitamins and minerals from the veggies. 

Mash the vegetables adding 1/2 a cup of the liquid at a time until you reach desired consistency (it will be anywhere between 1-2 cups of liquid, depends on your texture preference and the type of potatoes you are using, some are starchier than others and will absorb more fluids) 

At this time your roasted garlic is ready and hopefully cooled off and you can easily squeeze the cloves from the peel into a small container, mash with a fork, add to your puree.

Add the butter or ghee, stir and enjoy!


Hope you like!

Please let me know if you tried the recipe, and you liked it.

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