My GBS prevention protocol

My GBS prevention protocol

Vera Brown
A disclaimer: the material and content of this post is intended for general information only, and to not be considered a substitute for professional medical advise or treatment. Please consult with your health care practitioner before following any recommendations in this post.

Before I begin, we should discuss what is GBS and why should we try and address it in the first place.

GBS - Group B Streptococcus, is a type of bacteria that is commonly found on a human body, it is not the same bacteria that is causing strep throat , GBS bacteria can be present on the body with no symptoms for a very long time.
The presence of this bacteria doesn't not normally cause any issues, but the picture changes when a woman becomes pregnant, the concern is that the mother will pass the bacteria off to her baby through the birth canal, although risks of infection are low, the consequences can be severe, so your dr or midwife would want to test you for GBS, statistics say that between 15%-40% of women test positive.
If the test comes back positive, a course of antibiotic will be recommended during labour.

Here is a bit about my experience with GBS, and reasons why I was very aware of it during my second pregnancy.

My apologies for leaving out many details about my first birth experience, it's still quite difficult to share, but without it, I won't be able to explain properly why it is so important for me to share this topic with you, in hopes that you will look into trying to prevent GBS if possible.
They also say that writing things down can provide some healing, and maybe will help with going into my second labour with a clearer mind :)

So here goes:

During our prenatal classes with our first, we were told that often, when it comes to labour, one medical intervention might lead to another, and might snow ball into a different labour experience than the one you were hoping for.

I am not a birth expert, but this might have been the case with my first labour.

I was diagnosed with positive GBS and as a result had to get antibiotic every 4 hours starting 12 hours after my water breaking and until I delivered. Because the labour was very slow and not progressing properly, and I was on IV antibiotic with compromised membrane that was leaking amniotic fluid, the recommendation was to induce, starting with oxytocin for a few rounds, and when that didn't work, the recommendation was to try cervadyl.
The 2 types of induction, brought in very intense contractions that didn't have the typical up and down waves, and were quite intense, after 4 hours of that I was still not dilating, and due to sheer exhaustion and seeing that there would be many more hours of this I asked for epidural, that caused our baby to go in distress and I was brought in for an emergency C section.

I would like to reinforce that, this is NOT by any means the standard outcome for everyone with a positive GBS, many women have perfectly natural births that go according to their birth plans despite the diagnosis, in my case it was what they call - the perfect storm, everything lined up in the way that eventually lead to too many medical interventions.
But if I look at the root cause of all that, the positive GBS, was the reason I had to transfer care from a birth centre to a hospital and eventually get induced, so needless to say, I did everything in my power to try and prevent GBS the second time around.

Luckily this time my midwife had a handout of a recommended protocol to prevent GBS that was not available during my first pregnancy.

There are a few different protocols for preventing GBS, the common denominator in all of them is improving your vaginal flora - aka good bacteria, boosting your immune system, and some antiviral / antibacterial supplements.

So straying about 3 weeks before my GBS test .
I did the following :
30 drops of A.Vogel echinaforce - that is equal for 860mg of 1:12 extract of the herb ( that is the same as 72 mg of dried herb and 45mg of root fixture 1:11 that is equivalent to 4.1 mg of dried root. That is to boost the immune system.
2 capsules of kyolic garlic - 600 mg 3:1 extract - equivalent to 1800 mg of dried herb, for immune support , antiviral and antibacterial properties.
140 billion of Progressive HCP probiotic orally + 35 billion - suppository to directly impact the vaginal flora.

And 3 tablespoons of solberry seabuckthorn for all the Vit C, the immune boosting properties and the any viral and any bacterial properties.

Yesterday we found out that my GBS status this time around is negative! So here is for the second attempt at a natural delivery!!!!!

Take care of yourself! And challenge the status quo.

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