How to get your toddler to eat organ meat and fermented food

How to get your toddler to eat organ meat and fermented food

Vera Brown
Promising title hey?

But the honest answer is - you can't!
They will eat, or not eat, whatever the heck they want, but I do believe there are a few tools you could implement to help them develop a more diverse palate and a healthy relationship with food. 

The very first and most important thing to remember is that "do as I say not as I do" does not work with toddlers! Probably doesn't work with anyone.. so you can't be a hypocrite either, if you hate organ meat and ferments in any shape or form, you never have them on your table and your kids never see you eat them, they won't either, so before you decide on how to get your kids to eat healthier, try to see what changes can you make in your own diet, and implement them! Whether it's just adding a few servings of veggies to every meal, replacing chocolate bars and chips with fruit, or maybe adding sea food, organ meat and ferments to your own diet, be honest with yourself and find a way to be consistent with the change. Every little bit counts.

Stock up your fridge and pantry with healthy options, and if you want a treat, go out as a family and buy one serving to enjoy right away but don't bring it home, make it a fun outing as opposed to making it readily available at all times at home.

Another tip is , try to not attach any emotions to meal time, not positive or negative reinforcement, nor approval or disappointment at how much or how little they ate.
We live in a day and age when food is no longer just fuel and nourishment, we use food as a reward or punishment, it becomes pleasure or torture, eating disorders are at it's all times high, when we stop applying our own agenda to meal time, and teach our kids to just follow their hunger and satiety signals, we have a better chance of helping them create a better relationship with food.

And last but not least, be consistent. Offer the food you want your child to eat more of every day. Whether they eat a bite, or polish their plate, they will get used to seeing it on the table, if you're eating together, try to have the same food on your plate as on theirs. And again, try to remain neutral and not attach any emotions to meal time, ask your child in the beginning of their meal if they are hungry, and at the end if they are full, so they will learn that this is how you know when to eat and when to stop and avoid the never ending "one more bite"

Hope this helps, or at least gives you some ideas to think about.

Good luck!

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